There is Somebody Out There for Everybody

AOL Health has reported that Manuel Uribe who is listed in the 2006 Guinness World Records as the world’s heaviest man, weighing more than 1200 pounds, has married. Supposedly, his wife-to-be helped him lose 550 pounds before the wedding, but he was delivered to the ceremony on a flatbed truck, lounging on a custom-made bed.

AOL  also reported that the bride, Claudia Solis, wore hot-pink lipstick and a tiara. Enough said.

The couple plans to have a family.

Okay, so here’s the obvious question: How? Naturally, I’ve played every scenario in my mind but damned if I can figured it out. But since Manuel can’t leave his bed, I guess they’ll have every opportunity to try.

This is why I think it’s fair to warn people to stay away from sites like eHarmony or You just never know if those photos have been doctored. Maybe there’s a physical description listed as “big boned“. Or maybe Claudia likes big men. Really big men. Really, really big men. Like one who weighs more than her car.

To her credit, Claudia helped him take off the 550 pounds. I’m just wondering how many salads this guy ate each day in order to drop that much weight. I can sort of imagine him eating about 50 chef salads with 10 bottles of low fat dressing.

I Googled “world’s fattest man” and there he was, curtesy of Fox News, photos of him “before and after.”

I guess this proves there is somebody out there for everybody.

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  1. debi says:

    No – when you see the story in reverse – a man marrying a woman that cannot leave her bed, that he has helped her take off 550 lbs, and she still weighs more than she lost – that’s when it will be proved that “there is somebody out there for everybody.”

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