Pour it in your ear?

Did you know that Viagra was originally created by Pfizer for angina?  I don’t think it did much for heart disease, but men who suffered from impotence discovered they got a stiffie from taking it.

I think it’s great, but there are other so-called cures that I find baffling. For example, I once heard you could cure an earache by pouring urine in your ear.

Here’s my question: Who discovered this and how? I mean, say you had a really bad earache and the ear drops weren’t working. I could see trying peroxide in your ear, but can you imagine sitting around thinking, “Oh, I’ll bet if I peed in a cup and poured my urine in my ear the pain would go away.”

I’m here to tell you, I’d rather have an earache.

I know what you’re thinking… “Oh, Charlotte made that up.” The answer is no. Not even I, the weirdest person in the world could come up with something like that.

4 Responses to “Pour it in your ear?”

  1. Brandy says:

    Count me in on the ear ache. *G* Did you read the recent CNN article that NASA is going to recycle the waste water into drinking water for the astronauts? NO WAY IN HADES would I drink that water!

  2. John Leal says:

    I ran into a bloke the other day who had a banana in one ear and custard in the other. He was a trifle deaf :)

  3. shea says:

    nice to meet you.
    So, you are a famous writer. One day perhaps, I shall be a famous painter.

  4. Cindy says:

    LMAO at the pee thing! Was just talking to some friends about old wives tales that have to do with pee. I have heard about using the first urine of the morning to “wash” away your blemishes (yeah- that one was actually mentioned to me a few times when I was going through my ugly duckling teenage years.) Also, heard of putting baby’s diaper on eye as a fix for pink eye! Gross. I think people put this stuff out there just to see who might try it! Freakazoids…..

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