Let’s Get Dead Serious a Minute


Okay, this has been all over the news so I’m sure everybody has seen it…  There is a death row inmate, Richard Cooey, claiming he’s too fat to be executed. 


No, this is for real.  I don’t make these things up.  Check out chicagotribune.com and you’ll get the whole story, but the gist of it is that the executioners would have a hard time finding a vein in all that flab, and it might screw up the lethal injection cocktail.  Also, this guy takes a drug for migraine headaches that “experts” fear would get in the way of him being anesthetized.


The bottom line in the argument is that, unless the condemned person is anesthetized, he is likely to feel a shitload of pain when the lethal injection kicks in.  Sort of like the pain his victims felt, two young women he raped and murdered in 1986.


You know, I used to be 100% against the death penalty.  That is, until I had children and saw what some people did to children.  Until I learned that these monsters felt no remorse for what they did to the children or the families of those children.  And then I realized that ALL victims feel pain and fear before their lives are taken, not just little children.


I would never sit on a jury in a case seeking the death penalty, but I am tired of hearing about the rights of the condemned because guess what, his victim has lost all rights.  Remember Natalie Holloway?  She wanted to be a doctor.  Think of the difference she could have made in our world!   So many victims; so many lost dreams.


I think Richard Cooey should go on a diet.  Maybe he could be the next Jenny Craig spokesperson.  And what about exercise?  Aren’t these guys given an hour of free time in the exercise yard?  I’m pretty sure they have TV.  Maybe Richard should turn to one of those early morning exercise programs.  Maybe he should give up bread and dessert.


Guess what, Richard?  You’ve lived 12 years longer than the women you killed.  Stop whining.


3 Responses to “Let’s Get Dead Serious a Minute”

  1. Brandy says:

    I do believe he gave up the right to have a choice in this matter when he was convicted.

  2. Sara says:

    There’s other ways to put him under other than IV. They can give him a gas to put him to sleep. Then, they can do whatever it takes to get an IV in to finish the job. End of problem.

  3. Michelle says:

    BRAVO!! I get so sick and tired of these cowards who rape and murder among other heinous crimes whining about the treatment they recieve. OR even better they suddenly have found the Lord! What a pile of crap!
    I saw this news release about Richard Cooey and actually laughed at the ridiculousness of the whole thing!Here is how I see it-He was probably a fat slovenly snot nosed whiney kid who got made fun of. This more than likely followed him into his teens and adulthood. And now he’s angry and lonely. Cant get a girl cause he is fat angry and bitchy-great combo huh?! So he deceides he is going to punch a hole in his man card and get what he wants -which is a woman, which =sex. He rapes them and then in his cowardice murders them as well. Gets caught, gets scared and cries that the prison system “might” cause him a little pain on his way out. Maybe they should let him live in the general prison population where the inmates can take care of him themselves thus saving the taxpayers time and money! Oh but wait, that wouldnt be humane would it?!

    Sorry got off on a tangent there!!

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