Just Me and My Christmas Tree

            Okay, it’s January 3rd, and I still haven’t taken my tree down. I don’t WANT to take it down because it’s the most beautiful tree in the world. Okay, maybe the White House has a prettier tree, but mine would probably come in a close second.

I put up my tree after Thanksgiving, but, really, who has time to enjoy a Christmas tree when there are gifts to buy and wrap, and when the family is trying to decide where to congregate at Christmas? It isn’t until after the New Year has come and gone that we actually take a deep breath and say, “Whew!”

So here I am. The presents have been exchanged, the guests are gone. Finally, I’m able to sip my morning coffee quietly in front of a roaring fire and gaze at my beautiful tree. I can relax and enjoy the memories of this recent holiday season and those long past. At night I can pile fat marshmallows in a cup of hot chocolate, sit on my overstuffed sofa wrapped in a thick throw, and enjoy it all over again.

The thing about Christmas trees, all bright and shiny, is they lift our spirits and warm our hearts. At least for me. I feel more hopeful about the future. And, here’s the cool thing: I am able to make memories of those moments I spend alone, just me and my Christmas tree. The world’s concerns slip away for a while, and the hard edges of fret and worry grow soft and fuzzy. For just a small moment in time, my little space in the world experiences peace on earth.

3 Responses to “Just Me and My Christmas Tree”

  1. Lisa says:

    I am in complete agreement with the whole “enjoy the tree after the holidays” route

    We left the day after Christmas to visit family in FL and the first thing I did after unpacking, feeding and settling kids, husband and dogs was to plug the the lights in and raise a glass of wine to my Griswold beauty.

    I did check to make sure the needles were still pliable ie not crunchy. No sense ruining an otherwise perfectly lovely holiday.

    I found my way to you by reading “What looks like Crazy” on the drive back from FL today.
    Kudos. I laughed (a lot) and cried (just a wee bit)
    And for a litle aha moment…I’m from the newly minted city of Dunwoody.

    I don’t think I’ve ever run across the crazy church lady…but hey, there’s always tomorrow!

  2. Sharon says:

    I love my Christmas tree too. I just took it down yesterday. I didn’t really want to because just like you said, after Christmas was the only time I could really slow down and enjoy it. I actually toyed with the idea of leaving it up all year round without the decorations and just leave the lights on it. :)

  3. Brandy says:

    We took our tree down New Year’s Eve, as is our tradition. But, the sight of it lit up with lights night after night reminded me of why we go through all that stress and refreshed me.

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