I’m a sensitive person

I’m a sensitive person.  I think there should be handicap parking for the disabled, even if every time I go to Walmart there are 47 open slots for handicap parking, but I have to park six blocks away.  We obviously don’t have enough handicapped people in our town.

But get this.  I went to the grocery store last night and, not only do they have handicap parking, they have special parking for pregnant women! 

The first thing that leaps to mind is, what if the woman is only a couple of months pregnant and not showing?  Is she going to have to take an EPT to prove she deserves to park there?  And how come they didn’t offer special parking back when I was pregnant?  Where were these coveted parking slots when my baby was two weeks overdue and pressing on a nerve so that I had to drag my right leg? 

And, hey, since perks are being handed out to pregnant women, how about a special parking place for women going through menopause?  Or women who haven’t done anything nice for themselves in almost four years because they are sending their kid to engineering college?  Or single mothers who are trying to run a household and manage a career?

Come to think of it, there will never be enough special parking places to accommodate the women who deserve them.

4 Responses to “I’m a sensitive person”

  1. Sharon says:

    This is really funny. I’ve wondered the same thing myself. In fact, one night my husband and I were in a big hurry to get to the grocery store and we parked in one of those pregnant parking spaces. I’m 55 and he’s 60. I told him that if we are stopped we could always say that I’m pregnant and that it’s a menopause baby. I know, I know. That’s really bad.

  2. Matt T says:

    I normally take down the signs, and spray paint over the handicap paint on the ground at the offices I work at. Normally I never get to park in that space, but it is nice to know it will not sit vacant day after day. Handicap spaces do not really serve much of a purpose. I broke my hip 2 years ago and was on crutches or in a wheelchair for 6 weeks. At a busy mall, all the spots are taken, and I am in a wheelchair anyway, so another 200 feet is no big difference. At the doctors office, all the handicap spaces are taken anyway because, it is a doctors office, so everybody is sick. The only real advantage is the extra space on the side of the handicap spot. Try fitting a set of crutches and a hurt person in a 6 inch space between yours and somebody elses car, not going to happen. So no, in my opinion it would be better to not have the spaces at all.

  3. Rachel says:

    I agree that the sign should say something like ‘very pregnant’, but very pregnant women are in a lot of pain at the end, at least I was. I know that you are just trying to be funny, but have you ever been 9 months pregnant? I was dumb enough to have 3 kids a year apart and that pregnant sign was really helpful (although I have to admit that I would get mad when 2 months pregnant women would take the space). It felt like the baby was going to fall out at all times and that hurts…so yes, I agree with the spaces…plus I was holding 2 other babies at the time.

  4. Jackie Morris says:

    Great ideas, but what if a woman is just “big boned” and not pregnant at all? – Just asking…

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