High Anxiety

Okay, so I’ve turned in my new book. My publisher didn’t like the previous title so I came up with a new one, HIGH ANXIETY, which aptly describes my life these past few months.

My book tour stole precious writing time – I was so late getting the book in! – but I’ll have to say it was worth it because I met the nicest people. The booksellers went out of their way to accommodate me and I came face-to-face with readers who had been following me since I started my career writing category romance some 20+ years ago.

On a sad note, I met and talked at length with an 80-something year-old-woman who was incredibly depressed because her eyes were giving her so many problems that she couldn’t do what she loved best: read. She was hoping her new eye glasses would rectify the problem, but think how hard it would be to go through life unable to read a book, even in large print! I know books on tape are very popular, but when I climb into bed at night I still want to reach over and pick up a book. It’s a simple pleasure. And who doesn’t need them at this point in time?

Anyway, everybody keep your fingers crossed that my editor and other powers-that-be love my new book.

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  1. Grace Altig says:

    When can we expect High Anxiety to be released? I am DYING to read it :(

  2. Lore Gerardo says:

    I wouldn’t wear a swim suit for 10 years simply because I was ashamed of my cellulite. Right now I just don’t care. What does that suggest about me?

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