Five Heart Review of What Looks Like Crazy

Romance Studio  wrote:

“Dr. Kate Holly is divorcing her firefighter husband because his job as a firefighter scares her. She lost the father she adored to a fire, does not want to live in fear every time Jay goes out on a fire call. Her job as a psychologist has enough challenges. She has patients who threaten to blow her up with nitroglycerin. One of them threatens to jump off the roof of her building. Her life is filled with patients sent to her by her ex boyfriend who are pretty darned crazy. Whose life is more filled with risk? Charlotte Hughes fills this story with scenarios that I believe could come right out of the office of a shrink! And Kate’s life away from the office? I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes with her mother and identical twin aunt who are famous junk dealers. And her secretary, Mona, works for free but helps to sell her boss in ways I don’t think many practicing therapists would condone! And her neighbors? Thank heavens I don’t live next to the weird Ms. Bitsy! Between the suspense and the laughter Ms. Hughes had me hooked from the first page. She knows how to get our attention and keep it. This is one of those books I could have kept reading indefinitely because of the way she builds her characters and dialogue into people we probably know and conversations we’ve had or maybe wanted to have. I think we all know some people we’d love to send to Dr. Kate for her brand of therapy or maybe to Dr. Thad, her ex, for some drugs! That makes the story even more fun. Or, maybe hits close to home when Kate thinks she’s going crazy just from being around them all day! I can almost guarantee anyone who reads this will love it as much as I do! 

Reviewer: Dee Dailey
December 5, 2008 Romance Studio

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