Chocolate -A Writer’s Best Friend

 Symptoms of a Chocolate Addict
Answer Yes or No

____ Once you start eating chocolate you are not able to stop until you eat it all or become sick.
____ You lie to loved ones about how much chocolate you eat.
____ You have tried and failed to cut back on the amount of chocolate you eat.
____ You get the shakes if you go too long without chocolate.
____ You spend more money on chocolate than shoes.
____ You have felt guilty about how much chocolate you eat.
____ You feel annoyed when people criticize you for eating too much chocolate.
____ You need chocolate first thing in the morning to get over your chocolate hangover from the night before.
____ You’ve tried hiding chocolate from yourself.

If you’ve answered yes to all the questions above, odds are you have a chocolate stash somewhere in your house. And that makes me think of a funny question: How many of you have a chocolate stash? Also, where’s the funniest place you’ve ever hidden it?

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3 Responses to “Chocolate -A Writer’s Best Friend”

  1. Mary Stella says:

    A chocolate stash would mean that chocolate lasted long enough in the house to actually be stashed, or that you buy in such massive quantities that you can’t possibly eat it all in one sitting.

    The only time I’ve stashed chocolate was when friends sent me a box of Bissinger’s Chocolates. OMG the best chocolate ever! I limited myself to one, heavenly, rich, dark piece of chocolate a day. It might never happen again, but that box lasted me the whole month.

  2. admin says:

    Mary Stella — LOL, you’re right! A stash WOULD that chocolate lasted long enough to be hidden in the house. Forget I even mentioned stashed. I usually eat it in the car on the way home! Charlotte :)

  3. ~Sia McKye~ says:

    I saw this on Casa and loved it Charlotte. Chocolate is vital to my well being. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!


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