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Romance Junkies Reviews HIGH ANXIETY

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009


Kate Holly should have known

better, but she ignores her track

record and offers to cover a

colleague’s anger management

group at a local church. If she

only knew the chain of events that

an act of kindness would set off.

The night ends in near disaster

 when an elderly patient pulls a gun

on her daughter-in-law and Kate tries to disarm her.



After giving her statement, Kate goes home to her fireman ex-husband who she has been nursing back to health. So she won’t stress him out, she tells him the class went fine. Her attempt backfires when the story hits the front page of the newspaper the next morning. Angry, Jay storms out to go volunteer to fight the wildfire sweeping through drought-ridden Florida.


Kate’s day goes from bad to worse when her best friend and receptionist, Mona, calls her that she can’t come in because of a bad case of hives. Kate is determined to run her office on her own, but Mona calls Kate’s mother who is more than glad to help. But when Dixie turns the office on its ear, Kate breaks down and calls a temporary employment agency. What she hadn’t counted on was being sent someone more disturbed than her patients.


After noticing many disturbing habits, Kate discovers that the temp, Abigail, refused to put a colleague, Thad Rizer, through in regards to a patient, Kate realizes she needs to fire Abigail.  Her life becomes one high tension moment after another at that point. Is Abigail behind the stalking? Or could it be someone that Kate doesn’t even suspect?


HIGH ANXIETY is filled with colorful characters that are a riot to read about. Ms. Hughes has a witty way with words. The story itself will keep you on the edge of your seat. Three dimensional characters and believable situations make this a fun read. Don’t miss it!



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: CinLee 

Top Pick Review of High Anxiety from Night Owl

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

5 STARS NIGHT OWL– Kate Holly is a psychologist with a few issues of her own. She swore that she wouldn’t marry a fireman when her fireman father died in a fire when she was 10 years old. She did. She has a tendency to count to calm herself down. For things like the pencils on her desk. Kate is also impulsive and caring. That’s why she took care of her ex-husband, Jay, when he was hurt. Of course, she had planned on stopping the divorce but some how it didn’t happen. Mona Epps is Kate’s receptionist. She doesn’t have to work but does because she’s Kate’s friend. She also has a tendency to “treat” Kate’s patients while their waiting based on Dr Phil. Mona is very conscious of her looks so when she got a rash, there was no way she was coming to work. After Kate tries to run the office alone, and then, with her mother manning the front desk, Kate finally calls a temp agency. They send a temp right over, Abigail Davis. Abigail seems friendly enough but maybe too friendly. She seems to be slightly off to Kate but she can’t figure out why. Can Kate deal with Abigail until Mona can come back to work? 

Well, my summary can’t even come close to giving you an idea of all the fun things going on in this hilarious story. There is something going on from beginning to end with Kate finding herself dealing with a gun waving senior to worrying about Jay fighting a large fire in Florida to delivering a baby in Mona’s bathtub. 

 On of the best things about this story are the quirky characters. Not a one doesn’t have some sort of issue or problem which only adds to the humor. Mona while a fashion plate has a hillbilly type mother who is a midwife and healer. Kate’s mother lives with her twin sister where they make a living by turning junk into art. They also still dress alike which can be strange. Their roommate is one of Kate’s patients, a former Marine who has gender issues. 

As strange as all of these characters are Abigail is even stranger and scarier. The really weird thing is, I could actually picture all of these people and all of the situations that they found themselves in. Ms Hughes does a wonderful job describing things so you feel as if you are there and involved.  

While there is a bit of a romantic flavor to this story, I couldn’t call it a romance. There is also a mysterious element, yet it’s not exactly your normal mystery novel. What this book can be called is entertainingly funny.  This was one of those books that I just couldn’t put down. I also couldn’t help laughing as Kate goes from one interesting situation to the next bringing with her chaos and hope.  

This is the third book in a series. I haven’t read the first two yet, and that is a definite yet. I plan of finding them as soon as I can. I didn’t need to read them to thoroughly enjoy High Anxiety. I just like Kate that much. This is one series that will be on my automatic buy list and one that I can’t wait to share with my family and friends.            

                              Terri of Night Owl Reviews 5 stars