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Charlotte’s Nutcase Virtual Blog Tour

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

More details to follow as we firm them up. Charlotte Hughes will be doing a real life book tour for NUTCASE as well but this will be her first virtual  book our:

February 17th-

February 20th-

February 24th-

February 25th-

February 26th-

February 27th-

February 28th-

March 5th-

March 10th- (concludes the tour & includes a chat)

Review of What Looks Like Crazy by NightOwl

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008


Kate is a psychologist trained to deal with everyone’s problems – it’s when her own start getting out of hand that she’s the one needing therapy. She’s divorcing her gorgeous firefighter husband Jay even though she still loves him but she can’t live with the fear that one day he won’t come home.

 Her eccentric secretary Mona Epps, who is also super rich, keeps coming up with all these wacky schemes to get more clients and thinks the solution to Kate’s problems is sex – with her yummy husband, of course. And the cherry on top – her mom and aunt have erected a sexual sculpture in her front yard and her crazy neighbor, Bitsy, is not taking it well, and that’s putting it mildly.

Between her newest client, Kevin Bosley, threatens to jump off the roof and dealing with creepy calls, Kate might just be the one really needing therapy, after all.

What Look Likes Crazy is a very entertaining and funny story. Kate’s got some crazy patients, which really spices things up. Especially George Moss with his unbuttoned shirt and vial of Nitro. Kate’s life is absolutely out of control and it makes for some funny situations. She manages to deal with all the crazy without pulling her hair out and keeps her sanity. There’s snappy dialogue and the plot is fresh and very amusing, I really enjoyed What Looks Like Crazy.

Rating: 4/5 A Page Turner, by Wendy of  Night Owl Romances

Five Heart Review of What Looks Like Crazy

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Romance Studio  wrote:

“Dr. Kate Holly is divorcing her firefighter husband because his job as a firefighter scares her. She lost the father she adored to a fire, does not want to live in fear every time Jay goes out on a fire call. Her job as a psychologist has enough challenges. She has patients who threaten to blow her up with nitroglycerin. One of them threatens to jump off the roof of her building. Her life is filled with patients sent to her by her ex boyfriend who are pretty darned crazy. Whose life is more filled with risk? Charlotte Hughes fills this story with scenarios that I believe could come right out of the office of a shrink! And Kate’s life away from the office? I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes with her mother and identical twin aunt who are famous junk dealers. And her secretary, Mona, works for free but helps to sell her boss in ways I don’t think many practicing therapists would condone! And her neighbors? Thank heavens I don’t live next to the weird Ms. Bitsy! Between the suspense and the laughter Ms. Hughes had me hooked from the first page. She knows how to get our attention and keep it. This is one of those books I could have kept reading indefinitely because of the way she builds her characters and dialogue into people we probably know and conversations we’ve had or maybe wanted to have. I think we all know some people we’d love to send to Dr. Kate for her brand of therapy or maybe to Dr. Thad, her ex, for some drugs! That makes the story even more fun. Or, maybe hits close to home when Kate thinks she’s going crazy just from being around them all day! I can almost guarantee anyone who reads this will love it as much as I do! 

Reviewer: Dee Dailey
December 5, 2008 Romance Studio

Finding the “Merry” in Christmas

Friday, December 12th, 2008


Well, if you’re like me, you’re having a difficult time finding a reason to be merry this Christmas. All you have to do is turn on the news channels to find out our country is in deep doodoo. 

Finally, I decided to stop watching the news for a while, get away from all the doom and gloom. 

It’s not that easy to find uplifting shows right now. I don’t want to watch “CSI,” “Forensic Files,” or “Snapped,” because I don’t want to see all the blood and guts. Same thing with the bio and history channel. The bio channel seems intent on covering the lives of bloody kings and various other rulers. I don’t want to be reminded what a monster Hilter was. 

And don’t even talk to me about watching “Animal Planet” or similar shows because there is always some lion or tiger chasing a rabbit who doesn’t stand a chance; and if you don’t change the channel quickly enough you’ll have to watch “the kill,” which includes tearing the poor rabbit to smithereens. Then there’s some kind of planet-type channel where we’re told how our earth is in peril, and all the polar bears are dying. How depressing!  

It’s not that I don’t care. I care very much; but after a while I begin to feel helpless and hopeless. 

No wonder so many Americans are hooked on “American Idol,” and “Dancing with the Stars.” 

Thank God for the Hallmark channel! They’re running Christmas movies this month. Last night I watched three “feel good” movies back-to-back, and I awoke this morning feeling upbeat. I even put up my Christmas tree! 

But I have to confess, I almost didn’t bother. I was so bogged down with all the bad stuff that’s happening in the world I thought, why bother? Then, I realized that it was not all about me and my worries. Although Christmas sometimes feels too materialistic, it reminded me that I can still find joy, no matter what the doomsayers are predicting.  

The cool thing about this country is how determined us Americans are. We’re a bunch that, when challenged with a recession, we still cling to hope. Just like everyone else I’ve been affected by our troubled economy. Christmas is not going to be elaborate this year for our family, but for some reason I don’t care. We will give what we can. Like the rest of the country we will find at least one or two reasons to be grateful. If you’re having trouble finding that reason, make a gratitude list. I’ll bet, like me, you’ll find blessings in even the most difficult times. Americans never give up. What an awesome country we live in!

Identity Theft…

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

People are so worried about having their identity stolen. Not me. Nobody wants to be me because my life is boring. Okay, I have no life.

I know this is a dumb question, but if somebody steals your identity does that mean they have to pay your mortgage and credit cards? Do they have to show up at those boring family reunions where there is always an uncle who wants you to pull his finger?

I wouldn’t even steal my identity.

Stupid Question…

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Does anybody know where I can buy this personal lubricant called “His and Hers?” I know this stuff has to be great because when the people in the commercials use it, they cut to a scene where the heavens open, a choir sings, and confetti falls from the sky.

I looked for it at Kmart but couldn’t find it. I figured it would be on the same aisle as the condoms and personal hygiene spray. It’s not like I can ask my pharmacist; I’ve known the guy sixteen years. You can’t trust those guys in the pharmacy because when they’re not filling prescriptions they’re gossiping. I know this for a fact because I’m usually the one spreading it. And it’s not like I can say, “Oh, I’m buying this for a friend of a friend.”

Even if I find it I’m going to have to go through the check-out line with it. Can you imagine what the cashier would think of me? It would be my luck if there wasn’t a price on it, and she had to call the manager over or get on the loud speaker: “Could we get a price check on His and Hers Personal Lubricant at register three?” My luck they’d ask me, “Hon, which aisle was it on?”

Of course, I’d have to act indignant and say, “I don’t even know what it is. Who the hell put that in my cart,” followed by me storming out of the store.

I don’t know what my ancestors did before somebody came up with personal lubricants. Probably used lard.